Maryland Ranks Sixth Among Top 10 States to Live In

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Marylanders, rejoice. This is the sixth best state to live in, according to 24/7 Wall St.
The news and opinion website released its "Best States to Live In” annual report, ranking each state by its overall quality of life. To compile the listing, the company used an index composed of three socioeconomic measures: poverty rate, bachelor’s degree attainment and life expectancy at birth.
Money was also factored in. While money might not buy happiness, it can imporove quality of life — up to a point, the company wrote in an explanation of its methodology. "A steady income well above the poverty level helps buy healthier food, better housing, time for leisure activities, and more," according to its website. "Most of the states that rank higher in other measures of quality of life, including health outcomes, tend to have higher median incomes and lower poverty."
The company also weighed an area’s economy, jobs market, crime, health care, transportation and whether it's generally desirable.
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